The U.S. Supreme Court

Explore the history and function of the Supreme Court from America’s founding to today.

Today’s Supreme Court holds great power to shape American society, contrary to the Founders’ view of the Court as the “least dangerous” branch. To put this power in the hands of judges who believe the Constitution does not have a fixed meaning poses a serious threat to freedom. Returning the Court to its proper role as a bulwark of limited, constitutional government is essential for the preservation of liberty.

In this free online course, “The U.S. Supreme Court,” the Hillsdale College politics faculty explore several landmark Supreme Court cases in relation to the Founders’ Constitution. The topics covered include the power of judicial review, property rights, the right to freedom of speech, religious liberty, administrative law, and so much more.

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Join us to examine how the Founders’ design of the independent judiciary was intended to preserve the American constitutional order and how the Progressive agenda poses a fundamental threat to liberty today.

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