The David Story: Shepherd, Father, King

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“The David Story: Shepherd, Father, King” explores the lives of Israel's first two kings—Saul and David—to discover the Bible’s profound lessons about fatherhood, the nature of sin, and the consequences of sin on both a family and a nation. While David suffers great tragedies due to his own transgressions, he models a path to redemption through repentance.

In this free seven-lecture online course, you’ll join Professor Justin Jackson in a careful reading of First and Second Samuel to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning and beauty of this story that is not only fundamental to the Christian and Jewish faiths, but also a literary masterpiece.

In addition to the seven lecture videos, enrollment in this course gives you free access to supplementary videos and quizzes to aid you in the examination of David’s monumental life.

Join us today in this pursuit of a deeper understanding of the Bible.

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What students say

Dr. Jackson is a superb teacher--among the best under whom I have studied. He combines the exegetical skills of an experienced preacher with compelling warmth, humility, knowledge, and an abiding passion, and an obvious care for his students and love of his work. 

– Brad

[Dr. Jackson] has provided two of the best courses and lectures available. His in-depth knowledge on the topics is overwhelming, added to how he presents them makes it masterful. . . . Now I feel that I can truly appreciate and understand the Bible in a new and more enlightened light.

– Kenneth

Takes the student through the full context of the course subject matter. Wonderful insight into how we strayed and its consequences and offers a solution.

– Don