Supply-Side Economics and American Prosperity with Arthur Laffer

Learn how Americans can restore economic freedom and prosperity.

As the economy approaches a crisis that threatens the savings and jobs of millions of Americans, the common solution by our political elites is more taxation, more regulation, and more spending.

But is that the right path to unleash economic opportunity for Americans? What evidence do we have from our past to guide our thinking about the economy today?

To answer these fundamental and urgent questions, we produced “Supply-Side Economics and American Prosperity with Art Laffer”—our first free teaching series that blends an online course with the features of a documentary.

In this series, Arthur Laffer, economic advisor to Ronald Reagan and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, explores the economic history of America over the last century to reveal the principles and policies that have promoted prosperity in our economy.

And to enhance the learning experience in this important series, Dr. Laffer is joined by Amity Shlaes, Stephen Moore, Larry Kudlow, Steve Forbes, Brian Domitrovic, and Larry P. Arnn.

Over eight episodes, you’ll discover:

  • how incentives drive economics by encouraging or discouraging behaviors and decisions;
  • the policies that form the pillars of prosperity in the five kingdoms of macroeconomics;
  • the history, meaning, and significance of the Laffer curve;
  • the lessons that can be drawn from the economic history of the United States;
  • the reasons why some states prosper, while others decline;
  • the fallacies of stimulus spending, redistribution, and the welfare trap;
  • and, a plan to bring prosperity to areas of our nation that have struggled for generations.

This new teaching series combines elements of an online course and a documentary to present these timeless economic principles that will help you discover how economic policies should be rooted in a common sense understanding of human nature.

Join Arthur Laffer in this free series to discover how we can unleash American prosperity again.

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What students say

It tells the truth about supply-side economics, the impact of taxes and how the economy really works. And it does this in a way that anyone can understand it, regardless of their educational background or expertise.

– Peter

This course is presented in a conversation like format which easy to understand. Mr. Laffer uses common sense analogies in economics to get his main points across. 

– David

Supply-Side Economics and American Prosperity with Arthur B. Laffer is spot-on, extremely relevant and current. He shares/teaches the pertinent and important information so that everyone can grasp the concepts. Very enjoyable and relevant.

– Bill