Shakespeare: Hamlet and The Tempest

Encounter the Timeless Wisdom of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, the greatest English poet, produced plays unsurpassed in their beauty, wit, and depth. To study Shakespeare is to receive a grand education in human nature, as his characters reveal unforgettable lessons about human desire, choice, vice, and virtue.

Taught by Hillsdale College Professor of English Stephen Smith, this free seven-lecture course examines two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Hamlet and The Tempest. In particular, Professor Smith explores the actions of the great princes of these plays, Hamlet and Prospero, to discover what leads one to tragedy and the other to happiness. The result is an education in the virtues necessary to make self-government and statesmanship possible. 

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We invite you to join us today as we embark on this wonderful journey through Hamlet and The Tempest with Professor Stephen Smith.

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