A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory and Practice

Discover the true purpose and principles of K-12 education.

Education is one of the primary means by which human beings become fully human. The American Founders understood that a liberal education—which entails proper instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic—prepares the student for self-government and is therefore essential for the maintenance and prosperity of a free society. The liberally educated soul seeks to grasp the highest things and, with the help of others, to live in light of them.

In this free, 12-lecture online course, “A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory and Practice,” you will examine the classical understanding of the purpose of education, the more recent Progressive approach that has become dominant today, and some essential, though often neglected or misunderstood, elements of K-12 education—including phonics, handwriting, composition, Latin, and more.

Join us today in this important study of how a proper K-12 education can enable human beings to live fully human lives through the cultivation of wisdom and virtue.

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What students say

Takes the student through the full context of the course subject matter. Wonderful insight into how we strayed and its consequences and offers a solution.

– Don

It's refreshing listening to ideas and thoughts that would be discussed in a classroom setting.  It's been quite a few years since I have been in that type of setting.  It's nice to be back.  It gets the creative juices running in the brain again.

– Susan

Content is well presented; the students are stellar in their responses and questions. Prof. Arnn does a fabulous job balancing teaching and allowing students to participate. Above all he makes complex ideas easy to understand.

– Hope