The Exodus Story

Explore God’s mercy as He leads Israel out of slavery in Egypt.

Exodus is a central narrative of the Bible. It recounts the moment that God reclaims Israel as His people, rescues them from slavery in Egypt, and establishes the Ten Commandments to guide their moral and religious freedom as an independent society.

God displays His mercy to the Israelites as He continues to provide for all of their needs despite their disobedience and grumblings. But it is important to recognize God’s mercy towards the Egyptians as well. The plague scenes at the heart of the Exodus narrative reveal God’s call for Pharaoh to repent of his attempt to be a god himself, but Pharaoh refuses to heed God’s warnings.

In “The Exodus Story,” Professor of English Justin Jackson picks up the biblical narrative where his course on Genesis ended. Join Professor Jackson in learning about the nature of God’s mercy, human freedom, and the relationship between the divine and man.

The course includes eight lectures, each approximately 30 minutes long. Complete the course and receive a certificate by watching the lectures and taking short quizzes that follow. These are supplemented with additional question-and-answer videos, study guides for each lecture, and a discussion board where you can engage in conversations with other students. Take the course at your own pace and in a manner that best fits your schedule.

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What students say

First off, I am so humbled by all the great discussions on each lesson.  The instructor is well spoken, and the other participants express thoughtful ideas.  I am learning so much! … I cannot thank Hillsdale College enough for this course.  I honestly believe this course is a gift from God.  Thank you so much for this course!!!

– Dave

The professor explains himself coherently and in a way that is easy to understand. He is not adamant that his view is the only view, he is knowledgeable about the original words and how they might be translated, he approaches the topic openly with encouragement for discussion, even if that discussion is in opposition to his private opinion.

– Sarah

The passionate way the instructor presents each point and why it is important is masterful. Hearing the importance of even the simplest of lines from the text truly expands the understanding of the gravity and circumstances.

– Benjamin