Ancient Christianity

Learn the inspiring stories of the ancient Christians!

Christ entered the world during the reign of Caesar Augustus. The tensions between Christianity and the Roman Empire shaped the daily practice of the Christian faith and led many Romans to distrust and persecute the early Christians. But Christianity also benefitted from the Roman world. And when Rome collapsed in the West, Christianity provided the hope for preserving civilization.

In our new free online course, “Ancient Christianity,” you you’ll learn:

  • how the Jewish, Greek, and Roman cultures all contributed to preparing the world to hear the Gospel.
  • why many Romans distrusted and persecuted the early Christians.
  • the inspiring stories of Christ, His apostles, and faithful ones throughout the first four centuries of Christianity.
  • the arguments of key early Christian apologists—Ignatius, Irenaeus, Justin, Athanasius, and more—who defended and defined the Christian faith amidst the animosity of the Roman world.
  • the conversion of Constantine and how he brought stability to Rome, and how the rivalry between his sons almost returned Rome to paganism.
  • how Augustine’s writings helped preserve the message of Christianity during the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West.

Taught by Professor of History Kenneth Calvert, you will discover the uncertainties, trials, and triumphs of the earliest Christians as they confronted controversies within the faith and persecutions from outside it.

The course includes 11 lectures, each approximately 30 minutes long. You can receive a completion certificate for the course by completing the lectures and quizzes. You will also have access to supplementary Q and A videos, study guides, and a discussion board. The best part is that you can do all of this at your own pace and in a manner that best fits your schedule.

Join Dr. Calvert to discover the improbable and miraculous story of Christianity.

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What students say

The lecture is wonderfully delivered.  The material is both comprehensive and informative and actually brings clarity to many events occurring both before the coming of Christ, during his life on Earth, and during the developmental years of Christianity.

– Mark

The instructor does a great job of explaining each section of the course. I love the details in the way He explains each event and different religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the rest of the religions. I can really understand what is being taught. Love this course!

– Dianna

 I appreciate that I can participate in this at my own pace. The course is full of information that is helpful for understanding the history surrounding Christ's entry into the world. I knew none of this. Thank you!

– Melea