The American Left: From Liberalism to Despotism

Discover the Origins and Key Ideas of the Modern American Left

American politics has been transformed in recent years as large portions of the federal bureaucracy, military, the media, and corporate America have embraced the ideas of the 1960s radical Left.

This transformation has brought ideas like transgenderism, identity politics, and global government—which were formerly relegated to the fringes of academia—into the mainstream of American public life. The result of this turn can be seen in the radical gender ideology pushed in our nation’s classrooms, the lawlessness at our border and in many of our cities, and the economic policies that continue to hollow out the American middle class.

Our free online course, “The American Left: From Liberalism to Despotism,” moves beyond a superficial account of American politics in order to provide an in-depth explanation of the philosophical origins of America’s radical movements and how they have overtaken America’s institutions.

In this advanced course, you’ll discover:

  • the differences between midcentury liberals and the radicals who revolted against them.
  • how post-sixties radicals gained power in government bureaucracies and educational institutions.
  • the principles of neoliberalism that arose in the late 1970s and how these ideas changed the morality and economy of America.
  • the reasons America’s political and business elite embraced the woke ideology of the Left during Barack Obama’s second term.

The course includes 11 lectures, each approximately 30 minutes long. You can receive a completion certificate for the course by watching the lecture videos, submitting a short quiz after each lecture, and passing a comprehensive course quiz at the end. You will also have access to optional materials to aid your learning: supplementary Q and A videos, study guides, and a discussion board. The best part is that you can do all of this at your own pace and in a manner that best fits your schedule.

These lessons are designed to explain the nature and direction of politics today and to provide a path for a return to republican government in America.

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What students say

Takes the student through the full context of the course subject matter. Wonderful insight into how we strayed and its consequences and offers a solution.

– Don

It's refreshing listening to ideas and thoughts that would be discussed in a classroom setting.  It's been quite a few years since I have been in that type of setting.  It's nice to be back.  It gets the creative juices running in the brain again.

– Susan

Content is well presented; the students are stellar in their responses and questions. Prof. Arnn does a fabulous job balancing teaching and allowing students to participate. Above all he makes complex ideas easy to understand.

– Hope