American Citizenship and Its Decline

Learn the significance of American citizenship and the threats it faces today.

Citizenship is rare in human history but essential to free government. Today, the constitutional rule of citizens in America is threatened by a new form of government, unaccountable to the people, in which power is held by a ruling class that seeks to transform our society.

In this eight-lecture course, students will examine the origins and history of citizenship in the West and the grave challenges American citizenship faces today. Topics covered in this course include: the erosion of the middle class, the disappearance of sovereign borders, the rise of tribalism, the growth of the deep state, the modern assaults on the Constitution, and the emergence of a new form of global government.

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What students say

I completed it in two days because each session was so fascinating I had to continue. I relayed this assessment to a half dozen of my friends. Special thanks to Professor Hanson for an exceptional job!

– Thomas

Takes the student through the full context of the course subject matter. Wonderful insight into how we strayed and its consequences and offers a solution.

– Don

It's refreshing listening to ideas and thoughts that would be discussed in a classroom setting.  It's been quite a few years since I have been in that type of setting.  It's nice to be back.  It gets the creative juices running in the brain again.

– Susan