History 102: American Heritage—From Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution

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  1. "Introduction: How to Think About American History"
    Larry P. Arnn

  2. "Colonial Settlement"
    Mark Kalthoff

  3. "Enlightenment and Natural Rights"
    Terrence Moore

  4. "The American Founding"
    Paul Rahe

  5. "Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers"
    Paul Rahe

  6. "The Crisis of the Union"
    David Raney

  7. "The Gilded Age and the Robber Barons"
    Burt Folsom

  8. "Progressivism"
    Paul Moreno

  9. "America as a World Power"
    Tom Conner

  10. "The Reagan Revolution"
    Terrence Moore

    Course Conclusion and Final Quiz


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