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As Ronald Reagan once said during a speech delivered on our campus in 1978, “Hillsdale deserves the appreciation of all who labor for freedom…Your creative outreach on national issues enables little Hillsdale to cast a long shadow.”

As a school of only 1,400 students, we reach over 350 TIMES that number with our online courses on the Constitution and America’s founding principles.

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Register now for this free "American Heritage" online course so you can better understand – and defend – the principles of liberty. This is the type of education America’s Founders thought necessary to preserve our republic. Lectures in this not-for-credit online course are delivered by members of Hillsdale's history department faculty, and readings are drawn from the American Heritage Reader used in the American Heritage core course taught on Hillsdale's campus.

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Course Schedule

Approximately 40 minutes in length, lectures will be released each Monday according to the schedule below. Once available, each week's materials can be viewed at your convenience.

  1. Introduction: How to Think About American History
    Larry P.
    Lecture Available February 25

  2. Colonial Settlement
    Mark Kalthoff

    Lecture Available March 4

  3. Enlightenment and Natural Rights
    Terrence Moore

    Lecture Available March 11

  4. The American Founding
    Paul Rahe
    Lecture Available March 18


  1. Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers
    Paul Rahe

    Lecture Available March 25

  2. The Crisis of the Union
    David Raney
    Lecture Available April 1

  3. The Gilded Age and the Robber Barons
    Burt Folsom
    Lecture Available April 8

  1. Progressivism
    Paul Moreno
    Lecture Available April 15

  2. America as a World Power
    Tom Conner
    Lecture Available April 22

  3. The Reagan Revolution
    Terrence Moore
    Lecture Available April 29