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Economics 101 in 30 minutes.

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If you’ve ever wanted to know just how the free market will save America’s economy, you NEED Hillsdale’s Economics 101 right away.

With 10 absolutely free weekly lectures you can view at your own convenience—and weekly Q&A sessions with Hillsdale’s professors—Economics 101 will teach you all the nuts and bolts of free market capitalism.

If you think the Left’s government-down economic policy is all wrong for America, but can’t quite explain why, this crash course in free market economics is something you should take.

After you register you can find out how to get your own copy of A Capitalist Manifesto, written by Economics 101 professor Dr. Gary Wolfram.

A Capitalist Manifesto

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...and find out how to get your own copy of A Capitalist Manifesto: Understanding the Market Economy and Defending Liberty


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Course Schedule

Approximately 40 minutes in length, lectures will be released each Monday according to the schedule below. Once available, each week's materials can be viewed at your convenience.

  1. Free Market Economics and the American Founding
    Larry P. Arnn

  2. How Markets Work
    Gary Wolfram

  3. Understanding Demand
    Gary Wolfram

  1. Supply and Equilibrium
    Gary Wolfram

  2. The Role of Profit
    Gary Wolfram

  3. Incentive and the "Information Problem"
    Gary Wolfram

  1. Keynesianism and Macroeconomics
    Gary Wolfram

  2. Monetary Theory
    Gary Wolfram

  3. Case Study: The Great Recession
    Gary Wolfram

  4. Restoring Economic Liberty
    Larry P. Arnn